Jewelry in Hip Hop

Hip hop fashion and accessories are quickly outgrowing the bling bling era. As a matter of fact, the sterling silver and the gold that are in the accessories of today are much more understated than ever before.

Hip hop is beginning to learn that you can make a statement without yelling it out the window, and if you want to be up on things, then keep up! Make sure that your sterling silver and gold pieces are tasteful and move with your wardrobe instead of fighting against it. With the Wu Tang's foray into the world of fine art and other leading artists finding new light in subtlety, hip hop is sure to change its fashion! Don't be left in the Puff Daddy Shiny Suit 90s!

I've found that women don't care so much about my jewelry as they do their own. Charms for necklaces are the way to go for anyone on a budget. I found one on Charm America and gave it to my girlfriend. so you know I'm in good standing.At the end of the day though, life, just like hip-hop, isn't about image--it's about expressing yourself.

Hip Hop Artists and DUIs: The Secret Connection

A couple months ago, Chief Keef was reportedly arrested for driving under the influence. Apparently he was too stoned to operate the vehicle. For anyone keeping track, Keef wasn’t the first rapper to be arrested for driving impaired. From DMX to Flo Rida to Lil Twist, hip hop artists seem to have a knack for getting behind the wheel after too much fun.

No matter who you are, the terms for driving while intoxicated are clear. Even if it’s a California DUI first offense, the cops will still take you in. So why do so many rappers think they’re above the law?

It turns out the situation isn’t as simple as that. For one, you can’t discount the celebrity factor. Famous people have a target on them, especially in LA, where so many of them live. Of course, the rules regarding a first offense are well known. If you get pulled over after a night of partying, and you’re beyond the legal limit, you’re not exactly the victim. However, odds are that many non-celebrities engage in similar behavior. But because they’re not recognizable faces, they don’t get followed by paparazzi and police.

In Los Angeles, home to stars from film and music industries, the attention only gets more intense if you’ve already been convicted. Once a rapper accrues one offense, people almost expect him to get a 2nd. It’s a reputation that he has to work against. For the future, there’s a pretty simple piece of advice that might keep hip hop artists out of trouble. To avoid more DUI's rappers are expected to get, just call a car service.

Juan Deuce – “People” ft. Romen Rok (Prod. Falside)

Here is the second leak from Juan Deuce’s upcoming Ricky Shabazz and the Boom Bap Boys presented mixtape “No Sweat”. This time around Juan enlists Providence wordsmith and Brooklyn representative Romen Rok. Release date TBA. Please share, post, spread, and enjoy this certified head-nodder produced by Falside.







Juan Deuce – “Freeze” (Produced by Fonzi Wells)
February 8, 2012, 9:32 pm
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Freeze Artwork

Fresh off the release of The Mechanics EP, his collaborative tape with super duper producer Falside, Providence’s rugged rally capper Juan Deuce unleashes “Freeze,” the first single off his upcoming mixtape No Sweat presented by Ricky Shabazz and the Boom Bap Boys. “Freeze” features Deuce flexing his sinewy lyrical muscles over a hypnotic, bass-heavy cut from up and coming beatsmith, Fonzi Wells. Preparing No Sweat nicely, “Freeze” sets the table for what promises to be a very strong showing from Juan Deuce and Ricky.

Dirty Hank + Reason – “The Monty Brogan EP” (Free Download)

The Monty Brogan EP


Call it anti-recession rap: a couple of artists content with their discontent exploring the depths of their Johnny Walker Red-scented underemployment. It’s The Monty Brogan EP, and it’s the latest project from Providence-based indie rap stalwarts Reason and Dirty Hank. It also marks the first official collaboration between Reason (best known for his work with Poorly Drawn People and his solo albums, Landlords & Lullabies and Gemini Slang) and Dirty Hank (the man responsible for a run of stellar releases, including The Class Act Mixtape and The Guide To Giving Up EP).

The 9-track release, a free download available through Poorly Drawn Recordings, finds the dubious duo at their raunchiest, musing about breakups, alcohol dependency, and squatters’ rights. Production duties are handled by Falside (fresh off his collaboration with Juan Deuce, The Mechanics EP) and Mad Plaid, one of Rhode Island’s premier, up-and-coming beatmakers. Songs include lead single “Say Disease,” as well as “Not That Hip” and “Perfect Day To Die.”

For now, it’s a free download. But the safe bet is to grab it quickly, because Congress can only pass so many unemployment-benefit extensions and Brooklyn Lager isn’t getting any cheaper.

Cluster Mag x 2dopeboyz present: The Produce Section with Falside

“Like anyone born in ’89, Falside’s growth has paralleled that of the hyper-media-tech age–he is ready to evolve and redefine himself as the world changes around him. It’s in the way he executes his own graphic design, marketing, and mixing, and it’s in his approach to production; Falside embodies the now generation mentality of DIY everything, cigarettes and coffee.”


Watch the video after you read the article. I make a beat, and Juan Deuce and myself get into some shenanigans:

Shot by Nicolas Heller x Edited by Greg Matesich


The “Mechanics” EP now available exclusively via Strange Famous Records
January 21, 2012, 11:58 pm
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While supplies last, a “Mechanics” sticker and Digital Download Card will be included with each purchase, and each CD will be SIGNED by Juan Deuce and Falside! Limited Edition New Era “Mechanics” Snap-Backs also available!

Click here to buy!

(New Video) Juan Deuce – “Krill Pill” Directed by Ricky Shabazz

Here is Juan Deuce’s new video for “Krill Pill” directed by Nicolas Heller for Ricky Shabazz and the Boom Bap Boys and produced by DJ Mekalek (of Time Machine).

Juan Deuce – “Krill Pill” (Video)


In February, Ricky Shabazz and the Boom Bap Boys will be releasing their second annual mixtape of exclusive tracks from some of your favorite underground hip-hop acts. This time around, the tape is sponsored by 2dopeboyz and will be released digitally and physically for free. Tracklist/Artwork/Release Date will be announced soon but in the meantime, enjoy the first of many videos we will be putting out leading up to the release.

Additionally, this marks the very first in “Ricky’s Wontime” series in conjunction with Three/21 Media. The idea of the series is to achieve a thought provoking and entertaining one-shot music video. There are no restrictions, as long as the entire thing has no cuts and lasts the entirety of the song. Subscribe to Three/21 Media’s YouTube to follow the series in full.

Please watch, post, share, and enjoy.


Unedited Fight Scene Footage from “GUTS” Video

Falside – “XXXmas” ft. Blacastan, Juan Deuce, Jon Hope, Dirty Hank, Reason, Koncept

Merry Christmas, you filthy animals!

Stalley + Apollo The Great – “Stay Charged” Prod. Falside

“Nice little heatrock from Stalley plus Camden, NJ’s Apollo the Great, with Ricky Shabazz & The Boom Bap Boys producer Falside on the boards. This will appear on the DJ Booth presented mixtape, The Write Off 3 dropping Dec. 19th.”


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